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Fujitsu Harddisk Recovery

Fujitsu Harddisk Recovery

Greenergy use specialized data recovery techniques for Fujitsu hard disk drives. include the following model but not only.  

FUJITSU M2635S,M2635T,M2636S,M2636T,M2637S,M2637T,M2704S,M2705S


Problems: There are known problems with the following Fujitsu desktop hard disk model numbers: MPG3102AT, MPF3102AT, MPG3102AH and MPF3102AH (all 10Gb), MPG3204AT, MPF3204AT, MPG3204AH and MPG3204AT (all 20Gb), MPG3307AT, MPF3307AT, MPG3307AH and MPF3307AH (all 30Gb), MPG3409AT, MPF3409AT, MPG3409AH and MPF3409AH (all 40Gb). There appear to be similar problems with the laptop MHM and MHN hard disk models.

FUJITSU MPG3409AT, MPG3307AT, MOG3204AT, MPG3153AT, 3102AT
MPG3409AH, MPG3307AH, MPG3204AH, MPG3102AH
MPF3204AT, MPF 3172AT, MPF3153AT, MPF3102AT
MPF3409AH, MPF3357AH, MPF3307AH, MPF3256AH, MPF3204AH, MPF3153AH, MPF3102AH, MPF3051AH
MPE3273AT, MPE3224AT, MPE3204AT, MPE3170AT, MPE3136AT, MPE3102AT, MPE3064AT, MPE3032AT
MPE3346AE, MPE3303AE, MPE3260AE, MPE3216AE, MPE3173AE, MPE3130AE, MPE3084AE, MPE3043AE
MPE3273AH, MPE3239AH, MPE3204AH, MPE3170AH, MPE3136AH, MPE3102AH, MPE3068AH, MPE3034AH
MPD3173AT, MPD3130AT, MPD3108AT, MPD3084AT, MPD3064AT, MPD3043AT
MPD3182AH, MPD3144AH, MPD3137AH, MPD3102AH, MPD3091AH, MPD3068AH, MPD3045AH, MPD3023AH
MPC3102AT, MPC3096AT, MPC3084AT, MPC3064AT, MPC3043AT, MPC3032AT
MPC3065AH, MPC3057AH, MPC3045AH, MPC3034AH, MPC3022AH, MPC3011AH
MPB3064AT, MPB3052AT, MPB3043AT, MPB3032AT, MPB3021AT
MPA3052AT, MPA3043AT, MPA3035AT, MPA3026AT, MPA3022AT, MPA3017AT
M1638TAU, M1624TAU, M1623TAU, M1636TAU
MHT2020AT, MHS2030AT, MHD2032AT, MHR2040AT, MHT2040AH, MHT2060AT, MHS2060AT,

Symptoms: These Fujitsu drives will in many cases be working perfectly, then all of a sudden they just appear to fail and die. They will not be recognized by the computer BIOS and sometimes the BIOS may identify them with nonsense information. You may see an error message telling you of a disk boot failure or disk controller failure and also that your operating system can not be found.

Cause: These drives fail as there appears to be an inherent fault on one of the chips on the controller board of the hard disk. after a finite period of time the drive will quite literally forget what it's doing and fall over. In our experience it's unlikely that you will recover the data by swapping boards or any other means because each drive is unique at manufacture. The controller boards are integral to each drive.

Recovery possibilities: Greenergy are able to perform a full data recovery on these Fujitsu drives

Do Not: Under no circumstances should you attempt to swap the controller board on one of these faulty drives with one from a working drive. IT WILL NOT WORK. This is because the information held on the failed drive is unique to each drive. Changing the controller board may very well cause a mechanical failure and render your recoverable data unrecoverable.

What if I have one of these drives but the symptoms are different?: This is quite possible. Even though these drives have an inherent fault they are still prone to all the other problems hard disks suffer from ie. machenical failure, logical failure, bad sectors etc.

What should I do?: Call Greenergy and talk your problem through with us on 96606866

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