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Seagate Harddisk Recovery

Seagate Recovery / We recover data from Manufacturer mode

Greenergy use specialized data recovery techniques for Seagate hard disk drives. include the following model but not only.  

SEAGATE ST380020A, ST360020A, ST340810A, ST320410A, ST340823A, ST330621A, ST320413A, ST315311A, ST310211A, ST320423A, ST315323A, ST310212A, ST317221A, ST313021A, ST38410A, ST3413A, ST38421A, ST36421A, ST34311A, ST32112A
ST38641A, ST36531A, ST34321A, ST32110A, ST33232A, ST32532A, ST31722A, ST31720A, ST31277A, ST31276A, ST31012A, ST3853A, ST3852A, ST3636A
ST32140A, ST51270A, ST51080A, ST5851A, ST5540A
ST9810AG, ST9630AG (form-factor 2)
ST9816AG, ST9546AG (form-factor 2)
ST9655AG, ST9550AG, ST9385AG, ST9300AG, ST9240AG, ST9150AG
ST3660A, ST3295A
ST3491A, ST3391A, ST3250A
ST3290A, ST3243A, ST3145A, ST3123A
ST3655A, ST3550A, ST3390A, ST3385A, ST3285A, ST3283A
ST3144A, ST3120A, ST3096A
ST1144A, ST1102A
ST351A/X, ST157A

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