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Data Recovery Step by Step Guide

  1. Fill out the Data Recovery Request Form (or Download Zip file) (or PDF format )with as much details as possible. fill in the make, model and manufacturer of the drive or media as well as a description describing the problem or failure occurring with your device. read the Terms and Conditions

  2. Together with request form, send in the data media to us at your own cost. or fax request form to us at 67480019 if you want us to pickup from your office it will cost additional S$8 per trip for collection. You can view  Data Recovery FAQ to find out more.
  3. Upon evaluation of the media, we will provide a quotation to you with the types of problems, possibility of data recovery, list of files recoverable and price.
  4. If customers agree to proceed with the data recovery process, full payment has to be made before data and media are released to the customer.
  5. We strictly practise "No Data, No Charge" policy.

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