Apple/Mac Recovery

We have special technology to recovery data from Macintosh OS 8 - OS X - 10.16, HFS, HFS+ APFS ...

We have designed software and procedures specifically for recovering data from Apple Macintosh computers. Our recovery tools and techniques cover a wide range of legacy equipment and file systems like APFS, MFS, HFS, HFS+, HFSX and even XSAN. Our technicians have successfully recovered data from failed Apple/Mac drives including common causes such as:

Drive has developed bad sectors and won't mount
File(s) or partition has been accidentally deleted
Drive has been reformatted
Physical damage from fire or flood
Drive is making unusual noises (clicking, buzzing or grinding)
Mac OS failures
Drive Won't Mount
Drive has been initialized or volumes deleted
Mechanical hard drive crash

harddisk data recovery

If your drive isn’t a hard disk but an SSD (Solid State Drive) you may find the problem is more serious. SSDs are fundamentally different from HDDs, and although they seem to act the same, fixing them is a whole different matter, and the chances of recovery are far worse if ssd controller chip failed, however, we can recover apple ssd data and out tools can support most of the latest model.

Mac systems recovery

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MacBook Pro | iMac | Time Capsule | eMac | PowerBook | PowerMac
Xserve | Xserve RAID | Xsan

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