NAS Drobo BeyondRaid Recovery

Greenergy has researched drobo metadata and Drobo's proprietary nonstandard storage technology called BeyondRAID. Most RAID storage devices use standard algorithms to store the data across all disks in the RAID. Drobo uses it's very own proprietary BeyondRAID storage technology.

We are one of the only companies that can offer this level of recovery due to the complexity of BeyondRAID. Greenergy has years of experience and have been specifically trained to perform recoveries from Drobo NAS & DAS devices, Drobo, Drobo Pro, Drobo FS, Drobo Mini, Drobo S, Drobo 5C, 5D, 5D3, 5Dt, 5N, Drobo B1, B810...

harddisk data recovery

Greenergy reconstruct drobo metadata and develops revolutionary drobo simulation tool by creating a sector-by-sector exact image copy of the drobo RAID. We have saved data even from:

Drobo unit failure
Physical drive failure
Read head crash
Firmware failures
Failed RAID Rebuilds
Metadata corruption
Cannot access the device or share
Drobo units stuck in data protection mode
accidental deletion or reconfiguration

Our highly skilled technicians and engineers have completed 2000 over cases of successful RAID recoveries!

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