harddisk data recovery

Privacy Policy

We take your information security seriously.

When you need a professional data recovery, security is a major priority. At Greenergy, we have built our reputation on our excellent data security policies. We take every possible step to keep our customers' files confidential, and whether we are treating a damaged sd card or a large RAID array, we always use the same reliable procedures to provide consistent security.

We strictly maintain our security systems to adapt to new threats, and we pledge to use the latest technologies to protect your data at all times. Recovered data will be delivered in Bitlocker encrypted format when customer request.

Our recovery center is protected with 12 Night Vision CCTV Cameras and 7x24 hours recording.

All data recovery jobs will follow our standard Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

When you work with Greenergy, you always get confidential data recovery with flexible service options and reliable turnaround times. Our best-in-class security systems provide you with absolute peace of mind, and we are always willing to take extra steps as needed to meet your requirements

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