Data Erasing

Delete doesn't means gone forever, Just because you delete your data, that doesn't mean it's deleted from your PC’s hard drive! When you hit the delete button or even reformat your hard drive, the data still resides on your PC. It's like removing the labels from folders in a filing cabinet… the folders still exist but are not prominently displayed. As people continue to store more critical data on their PCs than ever before, Data erasing are very important to wipe off your data

harddisk data recovery

with our deguassing machine and complete destruction tools available, enables you to quickly and permanently erase data and delete all of the personal, confidential and critical data on your hard drive – and has the capability to erase to both U.S. Department of Defense and German Military/Government standards. It permanently deletes the information by actually overwriting all of the data on your hard drive - never to be recovered - so you can feel confident that sensitive information is completely eliminated. certificate of destruction will be issued accordingly.

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