Price Range

Greenergy guarantee the quote will be the most competitive in Singapore market, the reason is:

Most Advanced Technologies from Russia and USA and Innovative Services
no office rental cost, all labs and office were wholly owned by our directors
7000 laptop harddisks & 13000 desktop harddisks & millions of PCB/read head/BIOS chip spare parts cover almost all models, no additional cost for common harddisks in the market
800GB harddisk firmware database, no additional cost to purchase new firmware.
we are selling new harddisk ssd and cleanroom facility
No charges for disk Analysis, no evaluation fee, no cancellation fee, if we can't recover the data, or if the recovered data is not what you wanted, we don't charge any cents.

We will give you a quotation in 4 hours upon we receive your data media.

Depending on the extent of the damage, recoveries typically range from S$100 to S$2000.
S$100 to S$300 for harddisk or ssd with no physical damage
S$400 and above for harddisk or ssd with physical damage
S$750 and above for harddisk read write head damage. 8tb-20tb can be $1500 and above
S$750-S$1350 for ssd with firmware controller failure.
Smart media, compact flash memory, memory stick... recovery cost from S$75 - S$100
Some recoveries (network servers, NAS, RAID arrays and some types of internal or structural damage etc) can be considerably more, but - absolutely no work will be charged without explicit customer approval of a quotation. This is why we follow a strict "No Data, No Charge" policy.

If you have any budget concern, feel free to email us regarding your problem, we do have plan for home user and students, include damage media recycling plan.

What should I do?: Call us and talk your problem through with us on 96606866