Encrypted Disk Recovery

Recovering your encrypted external drive will be different from a normal dropped external hard drive recovery case. We still need to open up your hard drive in our data recovery lab and make repairs, just like any other hard drive failure case. But the difficulty comes in imaging the drive. We cannot decrypt your drive until it is imaged. Our data recovery engineers have to make as complete of an image of the drive as possible before we decrypt it. Depending on the severity of the hard drive's failure, multiple backup image need to be created in case decryption failed halfway.

Encrypted hard drive recovery also ties up more machine time than a normal HDD data recovery service. This is because the image we create has to be decrypted and cloned before we can show the client the results of our recovery efforts. Getting as perfect of a 100% read as possible may also require more work from our engineers than a case in which we can read a smaller portion of a drive and get all of the user's files.

We have the necessary experience to recover data encrypted with the most popular encryption software (BitLocker, Mcafee SafeBoot, Symantec Enpoint, Safeguard, CheckPoint, PGP, SecureDoc, Pointsec, Truecrypt, and many others), user need to provide the recovery key, password, pass-phrase or key file for decryption. In some cases, use challenge/response code. Or we can just do disk image recovery and clone to customer backup disk and customer decrypt themself.

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FileVault Data Recovery
FileVault is a form of full-drive encryption for Mac computers. The original FileVault was a file-based encryption tool that only password-protected the contents of the user's Home folder. FileVault 2 encrypts the entire active volume on the user's hard drive.

BitLocker Data Recovery
Bitlocker is a form of full-drive encryption for PCs that comes built-in with Windows. The encryption credentials for Bitlocker can be stored on a USB flash drive. It can be used to encrypt both the internal drive of the user's PC and any external data storage devices attached to it as well.

TrueCrypt Data Recovery
TrueCrypt is a freeware full-drive encryption tool for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux operating systems. It was discontinued in 2014, and superseded by other open-source encryption tools such as VeraCrypt and CipherShed, which were developed off of its source code.

Western Digital SmartWare Data Recovery There are also types of hardware-based full-drive encryption, such as Western Digital SmartWare encryption. SmartWare-capable external drives, such as the My Passport and My Book drives, automatically enable encryption.

File-Based Encryption
Another form of encryption is file-level encryption. Features like Microsoft's EFS, Credant, or Apple's built-in file encryption options allow files and entire folders to be encrypted, but not the entire volume. When drives with file-level encryption fail, our data recovery engineers can read and logically analyze their filesystems just like any other drive. However, due to the encryption, it is harder to test critical files for functionality or assess the level of possible file corruption that has occurred.

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