Data Recovery Portfolio

Reasons for using Greenergy Data Recovery Labs

Free Evaluation
Free Cancellation
No Data No Charge
If Recovered Data is not Useful No Charge
100% Confidential with standard NDA
Recovery from all media, file systems and OS
Industry's highest customer satisfaction rate
Most Advanced Technologies and Innovative Services
Recover data from manufacturer mode, class 100 clean room
Guarantee the most competitive price with latest technology in Singapore

Recovery lists presented for final acceptance before you pay
20 HP, DELL, IBM RAID servers & 80 P3/P4 PCs for DOS level data sector capturing
20,000 spare part harddisks, 800GB firmware database

Below is just a small sample of our customer base

harddisk data recovery

@Network E-Solutions Pte Ltd
A*Star:Data Storage Institute
A & A Computer LLP
A.C.E. Daikin (S) Pte Ltd
A.T. Kearney
AAA Technology (S) Pte Ltd
ABB Industry Pte Ltd
ABB Vetco Gray Pte Ltd
Abbott Manufacturing Singapore
Abdul Aleem Siddique Mosque
ABN AMRO Singapore Ltd
Accenture Pte Ltd
Access Professional (S) Pte ltd
ACCO Technology Pte Ltd
Achieva Ltd
ACNielsen Research (S) Pte Ltd
ACP Office Supplies Pte Ltd
Acterna Singapore Pte Ltd
Actionglobe Pte Ltd
ADDP Architects
Addtronics Pte LTd
Adtitude Pte Ltd
Advanced Micro Control Pte Ltd
Advantest Singapore Pte Ltd
AET Tankers Pte Limited
Agilent Technologies
Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School
Air Liquide Industrial Services Pte Ltd
Air Transport Training College Pte Ltd
AIRCOM Asia Pacific
AK Consulting Pte Ltd
Al Ahli Bank Of Kuwait
Albony Integration Services Pte Ltd
Alcatel Singapore Pte Ltd
Alexandra Hospital
Alfacom Technology Sdn Bhd
Alpha Storage Consultancy Pte Ltd
Alphatex Industruies Co Ltd
Alstom Transport (S) Pte Ltd
Altus Logistics Pte Ltd
Aman resorts International Pte Ltd
Amdon Consulting Pte Ltd
American Express
American Overseas Petroleum Ltd
American Power Conversion (S) Pte Ltd
Anhong Instruments Pte Ltd
Anro Asia Pte Ltd
Anson Metal Works Pte Ltd
Anytime Pte Ltd
APC Integrated Systems Pte Ltd
Arabian Industrial Fibers
Arantworks Pte Ltd
Arc Integrated Systems Pte Ltd
Arguz Asia Pacific
Arkgroup Asia
Army SAF
Arup Singapore Pte Ltd
ASE Technology Pte Ltd
Asean Cableship Pte Ltd
Asia Research Institute, NUS
Asiaco Pte Ltd
Asian Development Bank
Asian Tigers-Kcdat (S) Pte Ltd
Asis Technologies Pte Ltd
ASKA Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd
ASOP Singapore Pte Ltd
Astrata (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd
Asys Group Asia Pte Ltd
Atea Environmental Technology Pte Ltd
Atran Transmission Pte Ltd
Atrasco Singapore Pte Ltd
ATS Automotion Asio Pte Ltd
Ats Computer Centre Pte Ltd
Atwin Marine Engineering Pte ltd
Auditory Verbal Therapy
Australia Web Smart
Autohub Asia Pte Ltd
Automobile Association of Singapore
Autovox Pte Ltd
Av World Ltd
AV8 Media Pte Ltd
Avago Technologies
Avanade Asia Pte Ltd
Avantworks Pte Ltd
AX Coleman Pte Ltd
Axcell Services
Axiom Technologies Mfg Pte Ltd
B. Anger Verlagsvertretungen GmbH
B.M. Nagano Pte Ltd
Bailey & Wong
Bang Singapore Pte Ltd
Bank Of America
Banyan Tree
Barang Barang Pte LTd
Barcode Sato International Pte Ltd
Bartley Secondary School
Bata Shoes Singapore
Bayer (South East Asia) Pte ltd
Baylink Logistics Pte ltd
BBS Networks
BDM Intelligence Pte Ltd
Bearingpoint Pte Ltd
Bee Cheng Hiang
Bee Jin Enterprise Pte Ltd
Behr Hella Service Asia Pte Ltd.
Behringer Holdings (Pte) Ltd
Bekaam Printers Pte Ltd
Benchmark Electronics
Bescon Consulting Engineers Pte Ltd
Bethany Christian Certre
Betts Computer Services Pte Ltd
BI Technologies Pte Ltd
Biosensors Int'l Technologies Pte Ltd
Bizit Technologies Pte Ltd
BJ Services Company (S) Pte Ltd
BK Asiapac Pte Ltd
Bland Technology Co. Ltd.
Blastech Abrasives Pte ltd
Blivit Solutions Pte Ltd
Blue Gulf Technologies Pte Ltd
Blue Interactive Marketing Pte Ltd
Bm Nagano Pte Ltd
BNF Industries
BOC Cases Pte Ltd
BOC Edwards
Boehringer Ingelheim Singapore Pte Ltd
Borkalis Int (S) Pte Ltd
Bottcher Singapore Pte ltd
Boustead Salcon Pte Ltd
Bowen Secondary School
Bowne International Llc
BP Singapore Pte Ltd
Brady Corporation Asia Pte Ltd
Brewerkz Singapore Pte Ltd
Broadcom Singapore Pte Ltd
Broadrick Secondary School
Brother International Singapore
BS Construction Services Pte Ltd
BT Singapore Pte Ltd
Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation
Bulk Logistics Pte Ltd
BUPA Health Care Asia Pte Ltd
Business IT Pte Ltd
Byrock International Ltd
C&H Realty Pte Ltd
CalendarONE Pte Ltd
Calistra Research Labs Pte Ltd
Cambrian Engineering Co. Pte Ltd
Can Engineers Pte Ltd
Canberra Primary School
Canton Electrical Pte Ltd
Capital Land
Carrier ARCD Pte Ltd
Carrier Transicold Singapore
CAS Technology Pte Ltd
Cascal Services Ltd
Cassis International Pte Ltd
Caxton Electrical Pte Ltd
Cdimage Services
CEC Global Maritime Services Ltd
Celerity Singapore Pte Ltd
Central Iron Precision Pte Ltd
Centric Technologies LLP
Cerebos Pacific Limited
Certis Cisco Security Pte Ltd
CET Technologies Pte Ltd
Chai Chee Secondary School
Chan Sau Yan Associates
Changi Airport Managers and Partners
Changi Airports International Pte Ltd
Changi Beach Club
Changi General Hospital
Changi International Airport Svc Pte Ltd
Chartered Semiconductor Mfg Ltd
Chass Computer Consultants Pte Ltd
Chemco Pte Ltd
Chemistry Dept NUS
Chevron International Pte Ltd
Chevron Singapore Pte Ltd
Chevron USA Inc (Singapore Branch)
CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School
China Construction (South Pacific)
China Shipping
Chong Sing Pte Ltd
Chris-Ray Engineering Pte Ltd
Chung Ah Engineering Pte Ltd
CIAS Pte Ltd
Ciba Specialty Chemicals (S) Pte. Ltd
CIGNA International
Cisco Security Pte ltd
Citibank Berhad Malaysia
City Gas Pte Ltd
Clair Singapore
Classicscan Pte Ltd
CMPMedica Asia
CNA Engineers Pte Ltd
CNA Group Ltd
Coaster Computer Services Pte Ltd
COB Technology
Cohrih & Hggociale
Coilcraft Singapore Pte Ltd
Cola Computer Svc
Collibros Pte Ltd
Collingwood Associates
Color Computer & Svcs
Com Line Systems Sdn Bhd
Com-2000 Network Services
Combustor Airmotive Services
Communic Services
Comp Tech Enterprise Pte Ltd
Compumart Tech. Sdn. Bhd
Computer & Information Centre, Tsinghua University
Computer Centre, NUS
Computer Junction
Computer System Integrators P/L
Concept 360 Pte Ltd
Concept-Systems Technology P/L
Continuity Solutions Pte Ltd
Control Logic Systems Pte Ltd
Convergys Singapore Pte Ltd
Cool Box Singapore
Cool Dynamics Pte Ltd
Cougar Express Logistics Pte Ltd
Coxswqin Marketing (S) Pte Ltd
CPC Pte Ltd
CPF Board
CPG Consultants Pte LTd
CPG Facilities Management Pte Ltd
CPG Labratories Pte Ltd
CPKELCO Singapore
CR2 Asia Ltd
Craft Print International Limited
Creatus Events Pte Ltd
Crescent Advisors Pte Ltd
CRL Components Pte Ltd
CS Lucas Associate Pte Ltd
CSS Industrial Pte Ltd
CTC Marine Projects Pte Ltd
CTS Electronic Components Inc
CTS Singapore Pte Ltd
CW Group Pte Ltd
CWK International
Cyberoptics (S) Pte Ltd
Cyberquote Pte ltd
D & S Solutions Pte Ltd
D&B Technology Pte Ltd
D1-Bp Fuel Corps Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Da Vinci Technologies Pte Ltd
Dacon Networks Pte Ltd
Dai-Dan Co. Ltd
Daifuku Mechatronics (S) Pte. Ltd
Daikin Asia Servicing
Daimler Chrysler
Daiya Engineering & Construction P L
Damen Shipyard Singapore
Datacraft Asia Ltd
Dataworld Technology Int
Daxin Petroleum Pte Ltd
DBS Bank Ltd
DCC Trading Pte Ltd
DDB Singapore
Deca Solutions Pte Ltd
Dell Asia Pte Ltd
Dell Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Dell Global B.V. (Singapore Branch)
Deloitte Consulting Pte Ltd
Delphi Automotive Systems (S) Pte Ltd
Demarco Pte Ltd
Dennis Cheong & Associates
Denso International Asia Pte Ltd
Dentsu Young & Rubicam Pte Ltd
Design Fusion Pte ltd
Design Research Center NTU School of MPE
Deutsche Bank AG Singapore
Deutsche Post Global Mail (Australia) Pty
Deyi Secondary School
DFB Tech
D'Fine Catering Services Pte LTd
DFS Venture Singapore Pte Ltd
DGM Solutions Pte Ltd
DHL EXEL Supply Chain (S) Pte Ltd
DHL Express (S) Pte Ltd
DHL Global Forwarding (S) Pte Ltd
Diagnostica Marketing Sdn. Bhd
Digital Imaging Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Distinct Engineering
D-link International Pte Ltd
Docuhub Data Pte Ltd
Dornier Medtech Asia Pte Ltd
DP Technology Pte Ltd
Drilling Optimisation
DSM Nutritional Products
Du Pont Company (S) Pte Ltd
Duration Singapore Pte Ltd
DVI Solutions Pte Ltd
Dynacast (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Dynamix Cosmo Pte Ltd
E2E Infoware Pte Ltd
EA Opportunities Pte Ltd
EAF Pte Ltd
Eagle Services Asia Pte Ltd
Eagle Shipmanagement Services Pte Ltd
Eahh Trec Concepts Pte Ltd
Eastman Chemical, Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Easton I.T. Pte Ltd
Easy Mix Trading
Easylink Services Corp Pte Ltd
EBS Pte Ltd
ECD Computer Clinic (East) Pte Ltd
ECD IT Technologies
Ecentury Sdn Bhd
ECO Adventures Worldwide Pte Ltd
Ecolab Pte Ltd
Ecquaria Technologies Pte Ltd
ECX Container Line Sdn Bhd
Edge Computers
EDS International (S) Pte Ltd
EEMS Test Singapore Pte Ltd
Efacec Singapore Pte Ltd
Effem Food Inc
EFX Marine Services
Egg Creatives Pte Ltd
Ehsan Ria Sdn Bhd
Eight Flags Computer Systems & Supplies P/L
Elfa Ynacis
Eli Lilly (S) Pte Ltd
Elite Total Solutions Sdn Bhd
Ellipsiz Ltd
Elsys Computer Service
Elyo South East Asia Pte Ltd
EM Services Pte Ltd
Energizer Singapore Pte Ltd
Energy Solutions
Eng Lim Construction Co. Pte Ltd
Enplas Hi-Tech
ENT Clinic
Enthone Singapore Pte Ltd
EO Medical Pte Ltd
Epecom Technology & Distribution Pte Ltd
EPIC IT System
Epicor Software (Asia) P/L
Epson Trading Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Equaria Technologies Pte Ltd
Equinix Singapore Pte Ltd
Erlins Pte Ltd
Ernix Network Integration
Ernst & Young
ES Cell International Pte Ltd
Esg-Sd Engineering Pte Ltd
ESPN Star Sports
Essential Living (S) Pte Ltd
Estee Lauder
Esys Technologies Services
Euromonitor International (Asia) Pte Ltd
Europine Tech Pte Ltd
Europine Technologies Pte Ltd
Eveready Manufacturing P/L
Everett Charles Technologies
Evolution Werks Pte Ltd
Eway Publishing Pte LTd
Exel Singapore Pte Ltd
Extiva Communications
Eye-biz Pte ltd
F & S Marketing
F.Teuton Pte Ltd
F.Y. Singapore Garments P/L
Faculty Of Engineering, NUS
Faith Assembly of God Church
Fasten Enterprises P/L
Fatiin Multimedia Pte Ltd
FE Global Electronics Pte Ltd
Fenix Hydromet Australasia Pty Ltd
Ferrotec Corporation Singapore Pte Ltd
Festive Films Pte Ltd
Fillon Technologies
Fire Engineering (S) Pte Ltd
First Engineering Limited
First Technology (S) Pte Ltd
Fischer Systems Asia Pte Ltd
Fishbone Solutions Pte Ltd
Fixics Solutions (S) Pte Ltd
Flamingo Institute
Flask Medialab
Flo-Prints & Packs
Flux fotograph
Focus Resources & Development
Fong Seng Fast Food Pte Ltd
Fongee Industrial Pte Ltd
Food & Nutrition Specialists Pte Ltd
Food Science & Technology NUS
Fortiz Power Engineering Pte ltd
Foster Electric
Fotohub Commercial Private Ltd
Fotohub Holdings Pte Ltd
Frame Works
Freestate Productions
Front Door Private Limited
Frontier Software Asia Pte Ltd
Frost & Surveillance
FTM Consultancy
Fu Yu Corporation
Fuji Xerox Singapore Pte Ltd
Fujisash (M) Sdn Bhd
Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd
Fujitsu MicroElectronics Asia Pte Ltd
Fullhouse Communications Pte Ltd
Fullmark Pte ltd
Furniture Hub Pte Ltd
Fusion UV System
Future network Pte LTd
FW Nicol Int’l Pte ltd
Fxmedia (S) Pte Ltd
Gallaher Singapore
Gati Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
GE International Inc.
GE Money
GE Pacific Pte Ltd
Ge Plastics Pte Ltd
Geals Pte Ltd
General Motors ODC
Genting Sanyen Industrial Paper Sdn bhd
Geokinetics Singapore Pte Ltd

Geols Pte Ltd
German European School Singapore
Gersindo Resources Pte Ltd
GESeaCo Asia Pte Ltd
Getech Industries Pte Ltd
Geze Industrial Co Ltd
Global Furnish Pte Ltd
Global Marine Safety (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Global Telecom
Globaledge Computerage Pte Ltd
Golden Village Multiplex
Goldlink Technologies Pte Ltd
Good Harvest Trading (Pte) Ltd
Goodpack Limited
Gourmet Haven
GP Batteries International Ltd
Gracezone Marketing Pte Ltd
Grant Geophysical
Great Eastern
Green Point Technologies
GreenBay Holdings Pte Ltd
Gui Solutions Pte Ltd
GWC Holdings Pte Ltd
Hakuto Singapore Pte Ltd
Hanjin Shipping (S) Pte Ltd
Hart IT Solutions Pte Ltd
Havenedge Networks Pte Ltd
HAVI Global Solutions Singapore
Haw Par Healthcare Limited
Haw Par Management Services Pte Ltd
Hayakawa International (S) Pte Ltd
Health Science Authority
Health Sciences Authority
Heung-A (S'pore) Pte Ltd
Hewlett Packard
Hexagon Tower (S) Pte Ltd
HH Robertson
Hiap Lian Hardware Co Pte Ltd
Highlight Systems
Hitachi Elevator Engineering (S) Pte Ltd
HMR Technology Pte Ltd
Hock Services Pte Ltd
Hode Seng Food P/L
Hoe Hoe Engineering Pte Ltd
Hoei Electronics (S) Pte Ltd
Hoi Peng Engineering Plastic (S) Pte Ltd
Home2Be Pte Ltd
Hondy Corporation
Honeywell Pte Ltd
Hong Leong Holdings Ltd
Hongkong and shanghai banking corporation limited
Hospimek Pte Ltd
Hospital Lam Wah Ee
Hoya Flora & Hampers
HR-PRO Recruitment Services
HSL Constructor Pte Ltd
HTM Precision Pte Ltd
Hua Chong Institution
Huatronic P/L
Hudson Global Resources (S) Pte Ltd
Huntington Consultancy Pte Ltd
Hydrochem (S) Pte Ltd
I & J Electrical Engineering services
I2 Techologies Pte Ltd
Icel Pte Ltd
ICI Paints (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd
ICITY Consultancy & Services
Icstriplex Pte Ltd
Idea Global Ltd
Idealsoft Pte Ltd
IDG Security Pte Ltd
Idrone Technology Services
IGTL Solutions Pte Ltd
Image Transforms Singapore Pte Ltd
ImageTech Systems
Imerys Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Imfinity Pte Ltd
Imperium Solutions Pte Ltd
Incisive Design
Indian Bank
Indonesia BBQ
iNetest Resources Pte Ltd
Infocom & Security Systems Pte Ltd
Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
Infocus Asia Pte Ltd
Informa Performance Improvement Asia Pte Ltd
Informatics Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Information Technology Division NUH
ING Bank
Inkline Software Labs
Innomedia Pte Ltd
Innova Junior College
Innovation Zone (M) Sdn Bhd
Innovative Diagnostics Pte Ltd
Innovative Laser Systems
INS Technology Pte Ltd
Insiro Pte Ltd
Institute of Mental Health
Institute of Microelectronics
Institute Of Molecular And Biology
Integral Systems Pte Ltd
Integrated Software Engrg P/L
Integro Technologies Pte Ltd
Inteq Communications Pte ltd
Interactive Hub Pte LTd
International Equipment Enterprise
International Fulfilment SVC Pte Ltd
International Technology System
Internationl Fulfilment Svc P/L
Inter-Premium Group Services Pte Ltd
Intership Limited
Intesys Singapore
Int'l Spore Claims Centre Pte Ltd
Intratech Net Pte Ltd
Intrean Singapore Pte Ltd
Introspective Technology
Invan Network System
I-Pacific Office Pte Ltd
Isidentsu Singapore Pte Ltd
Islamic Religious Council of Singapore
Island Technology Co Ltd
ISP Services Pte Ltd
IT Connect Pte Ltd
ITE Electric Co Ltd
I-Tech Intelligence Resources
Itqlcor Pte Ltd
iVero Systems Pte Ltd
IXIZ Technology Pte Ltd
J.P. Morgan Securities Singapore Pte Ltd
Jam Technologies
JAN DE NUL (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Japan Networl Consultants Pte Ltd
Japan Software Service Pte Ltd
Japanese Computer Services
Jardine Onesolution (2001) Pte Ltd
Jay-Tech Marine & Projects Pte ltd
Jebsen & Jessen Degussa Pte Ltd
Jieson (Singapore) Private Limited
JiLin NXP Semiconductors Ltd
Jin Li Mould Mfg Pte Ltd
Jinn Shen Enterprise
Jk Technology Pte Ltd
John Crane Singapore Pte Ltd
John Foord
Johnson Controls (S) Pte Ltd
Jones Lang Lasalle
Joreic Enterprise
Jp Management Consulting (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd
JP Morgan Chase Bank
JSR Business Group
JTC Corporation
Jungle Media Pte Ltd
Jurong Hi-Tech
Jurong Integrated Services Pte Ltd
Jurong Technologies Industrial Corpn.
Juzt Technology Pte Ltd
JVC Asia Logistics Centre
K A Zareena & Company
K K Wong & Associates
K L Ind.
Kai Sik Towa Rubber Products Sdn Bhd
Kaifa Technology Pte Ltd
Kaira Technology Pte Ltd
Kawakami (S) Pte Ltd
Kawatec Pte Ltd
Keane Consulting (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Keppel Corporation Ltd
Keppel Fels Limited
Keppel Land International Limited
Keppel Logistics Pte ltd
Keppel Shipyard Ltd
Khai Rick Engineering
Khattar Wong & Partners
Kikuta kaori
Kim Eng Securities Pte Ltd
Kimberly-Clark Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Kinergy Pte Ltd
kleen (World marketing) Pte Ltd
Kleen Pte Ltd
Knight Auto Precision Engineering Pte Ltd
Kodenshi S'pore Pte Ltd
Koh Brothers
Koki Singapore Pte Ltd
KOMAG USA (Malaysia) SDN
Korvac International Systems (S) Pte Ltd
Kose Infotech
Kosen Printing Co
Koso Kent Introl Limited
Kraft Tool Singapore
KRT Exchange
KTP Consultants Pte Ltd
Kuok Oils & Grains Pte Ltd
Kurita (S) Pte Ltd
Kyocera Chemical Singapore Pte Ltd
L.A.I Singapore Pte Ltd
L.C.T. Systems Consultant Pte ltd
Lan City
LAN System Engineering Pte Ltd
Lancashire Marketing Pte Ltd
Lasalle SIA College of the Arts
Lasercare Technology Pte Ltd
Lautan Luas Singapore
LCT Systems Consultant Pte Ltd
LEC Asia
Ledge Consulting Pte Ltd
Leeden Limited
LE'en Pte Ltd
Levna Pte Ltd
Leybold Vacceaur Pte Ltd
LGA Telecom Pte Ltd
Lian Seng Engraving Industry Pte Ltd
Lian Ying Ind Engrg Pte Ltd
Lianbee-Jeco Pte Ltd
Light10 Labs Pte Ltd
Lighthouse Pointe Solutions Pte Ltd
Lincoln Business School
Linde Gas Asia Pte ltd
Liver and Kidney Transplant Office NUH
Lloyd Taylor
Lo Hock Ling Consulting Pte Ltd
Lockheed Martin Global Inc
Loh & Loh Construction Pte Ltd
Lonsdale Capital Pte Ltd
Louisiana Seafood Manufacturing Pte Ltd
LS Pavilion Development Co Ltd
Ltty Engineering Pte Ltd
Lucasfilm Animation Company
Luffhansa German Airlines
Lufthansa Systems Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Lum Chang Holding
LURGI (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Luxasia Pte Ltd
M2 Technology Pte Ltd
MAA Financial Planners Pte Ltd
Macis Pte Ltd
Magnificent Seven Corp Pte Ltd
Magnum Printing Co Pte Ltd
Magnus Energy Group Ltd
Majlis Ugama Islam Singapore
Make It Happen Services
Mana Mana Singapore Pte Ltd
Marco Polo Marine Pte Ltd
Maria Antoniadis-Mga Consulting
Mariana Express Lines Pte Ltd
Markono Print Media Pte Ltd
Markora System (M) Sdn Bhd
Marvelsoft Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd
Matthews-Daniel Int'l Pte Ltd
Maxima Global Exec Search
Maximilian Integrated
Mckinsey & Company Singapore Pte Ltd
Mediaring Limited
Medical Research Centre
Mediline Wei Min Clinic
Meggaholizs Pte Ltd
Meiban Plastics Pte Ltd
Meltron Asia (S) Pte Ltd
Meridian Junior College
Methode Electronics Far East Pte Ltd
MF Plus sales & services
M-Flex Singapore Pte Ltd
MGA Consulting
MHI South East Asia Pte Ltd
Micro Summit (S) Pte Ltd
Micro System Computer Services
Micron Hardware Services
Microsmir System
Microworks Technology Ltd
Miller International
Minami Engineering Asia Pte Ltd
Mind Champs
Ministry Of Community Development
Ministry Of Education
Ministry Of Education Teachers Network
Ministry Of Foreign Affairs
Ministry Of Health
Ministry of Information Communications & the Arts
Ministry of Law
Ministry of National Development
Ministry of Transport
Mirrage Solutions
Mitsubishi Chemical Infonics Pte Ltd
Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte Ltd
Mitsumi Electrio Co., Ltd
Mitutoyo Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
MMI Boiler Management Pte Ltd
MMI Holdings Limited Pte Ltd
Mobileone Ltd
Modern Shipping Agencies Pte Ltd
Moduslink Pte Ltd
MOL Shipmanagement Asia P/L
Monzone Air-Con Pte Ltd
Motorola Electronics Pte Ltd
MSC Sea (S) Pte Ltd
MSD (S) Ltd
Mtech Products Pte Ltd
MTU Asia Pte Ltd
Multi Logistics & Warehousing Pte Ltd
Multico Power Drive Pte Ltd
Nanofilm Technologies Int'l Pte Ltd
Nantah Capital One Ltd
Nanyang Polytechnic
Nanyang Technological University
National Environment Agency
National Geographic Channel
National Health Group Polyclinics
National Healthcare Group
National Heritage Board
National Institute of Education
National Park Board
National Skin Centre
National University Hospital
National University of Singapore
National Volunteer And Philantrophy
Natsteel Ltd
Natural Green International
Naval Logistics Department-Hq Rsn
NCS Comm. Engrg. Pte Ltd
NCS Pte Ltd
NDK Crystal Asia Pte Ltd
NEC System Integration & Const. Ltd
Nek Technology Pte Ltd
NEP Management Pte Ltd
Neptune Shipmanagement Services P/L
NES (Singapore) Ltd
Ness Display Singapore Pte Ltd
Nestle Singapore Pte Ltd
Nestronics Ltd
Net Hawk Pte Ltd
Netiq Pte Ltd
Netplus Communications Pte Ltd
netted asia
New Mode Technologies Pte Ltd
New Zenith Technical Services
New4U System Pte Ltd
Newcam Systems (1990) Pte Ltd
Nex-G System Pte Ltd
Nexgen Studio Pte Ltd
Next Career Consulting Pte Ltd
Nexus System Integration Pte Ltd
Nexwave Technologies Pte Ltd
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Niit Technologies Pte Ltd
Nikko Computer Systems (S) Pte Ltd
Nippon Kaiji Kyo Ka
Nippon Steel Engineering Co. Ltd
Nk Chemical Pte Ltd
Nortel Networks Pte Ltd
NP Networks Pte Ltd
NTC Information System Pte Ltd
NTC Integration Pte Ltd
NTT Msc Sdn Bhd
NTT Data
NVT Pte Ltd
O'Connor's Singapore
Oerlikon (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
Offshore Technology Development P/L
Olympus Singapore Pte Ltd
Olympus Technologies (S) Pte Ltd
Omd Singapore Pte Ltd
Omega Scientific
Onion Design Pte Ltd
Open Systems Matrix Sdn Bhd
Openmobile Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Opentech Consulting Pte Ltd
Opentech Networking Pte Ltd
Openway Asia Pte Ltd
Opus IT Services Pte Ltd
Opus/Portfolio Analysis Ltd
Otis Elevator Co (S) Pte Ltd
P & G Singapore
P & V Computers Pte Ltd
Pacc Offshore Services Holdings
Pacenet Electronics
Pacific Conferences Pte Ltd
Pacific Lanworks Pte Ltd
Pacific Star Holdings Pte Ltd
Pacific World Singapore Pte Ltd
Pall Filtration Pte Ltd
Pan Pacific Hotels And Resorts
Panasonic Asia
Panduit Asia Pacific
Parkway Health CARE
Partech Inc
Pasir Ris Primary
PCS Peripherals Pte Ltd
Pearson Education South Asia Pte. Ltd
Peking Radio Service
People's Association
Peppermint asia sdn bhd
Pepsico International Pte Ltd
Peremex Pte Ltd
Perseus Asia
Petronas Carigali Myanmar
Philips Electronics (S) Pte Ltd
Phillip Capital

Piasim Corporation
Picking Pack Service Point
Pinpointek Corp P.L.
PIPC Pte Ltd
Pivctal Systems Pte Ltd
Planet Marketing Inc P.L.
Play Entertainment
Pmax One Technologies Pte Ltd
Pomefresh Pte ltd
Positronic Asia Pte Ltd
Postmark Systems Pte Ltd
Powermark Battery f& Hardware Trading
PPC Building Services Pte Ltd
Precision Control Pte Ltd
President’s Office
Pride-Chem Industries Pte Ltd
Prime Gymnastics Club
Prime Minister's Office
Princeton Technologies Pte Ltd
Prints design Pte Ltd
Pro Matrix
Procter & Gamble Int'l Operations Pte Ltd
Professional Coating Pte ltd
Profile Personnel Svs
Program Computers
Promag Design & Contract
Pro-Matrix Pte Ltd
Prudential Assurance Company
PSA International Pte Ltd
Pt Sampoerna Telekom Indonesia
PT. Bali Biasa Indah Koleksi
PT. Mcelhanney Indonesia
PT. YKK ZIPCO Indonesia
PUMA Singapore Pte. Ltd
Purac Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Pte Ltd
QAS System Pte Ltd
Qualitek Singapore Pte LTd
Quantum Consultancy Pte Ltd
Qubitwerks Pte Ltd
Quest Comnet & Electronics Svc
Quest Technology
Rabo Bank
Raffles Camp
Raffles Institution.
Raffles Lasalle Institute
Raffles Medical Group
Rap Engineering & Consultants Pte Ltd
Rarities International Pte Ltd
Rasmussen & Simonsen Int'l Pte Ltd
Rayco Technologies Pte Ltd
Razer Asia Pte Ltd
RE & S Enterprise Pte Ltd
Recruit Express Pte Ltd
Red Pill Solutions Pte Ltd
Regal Real Estate
Regency Steel Asia
Region Air Pte Ltd
Reload Interactive
Representation International Pte Ltd
Republic Polytechnic
Resources & Planning
Revelation Internet Marketing
Richco Asia Pte Ltd
Richemont Luxury
Rico (Pte) Ltd
Rindu Media
Riso Seiki (S) Pte Ltd
Rispro Singapore
Ritronics International Ltd
Ritz Carlton
Rockwell Automation S.E.A. Pte Ltd
Rolfe & Nolan Pte Ltd
Rolls-Royce Pte Ltd
Roxane and Friends Pte Ltd
Royal Sporting House
RSH Singapore Pte Ltd
Rudi's Fine Food Pte Ltd
S H Lim Architects
S.W Tech&media co.,ltd.
Sa Sa Cosmetic Co. (S) Pte Ltd
Saatchi & Saatchi
SafeComs Network Security Consulting Co Ltd
Sagara International
Sam Lain Equipment Services Pte Ltd
San Mobile Action Pte Ltd
Sanden International (S) Pte Ltd
Sang Choy Color
Sanofi-Aventis Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Sansei Singapore Pte Ltd
SANYO Aircondiitioners Mfg. (S) Pte Ltd
Sanyo Electronic Components Pte Ltd
Sarku Engineering Services Sdn Bhd
Sato International Pte Ltd
Saudi Petroleum Ltd
Savi Technology Asia Pte Ltd
SBS Transit Ltd
Schering-Plough (S) Pte Ltd
Schindler Lifts (S) Pte Ltd
Schmidt Electronics (S.E.A) Pte Ltd
Scottish Annuity & Life Insurance Company
SDI Networks Pte Ltd
Sea Net Info Com
Seadrill Management (S) Pte Ltd
Searights Maritime Services Pte Ltd
Seerpharma (S) Pte Ltd
Sehmidt Biomedtech (S) Pte Ltd
Seiki Global Technology
Sembcorp Utilities Pte Ltd
Semitech Electronics
Semitool Asia Pte Ltd
Sensatec (Asia) Pte Ltd
Sensfab Pte Ltd
Sensitech Asia P/L
Sentosa Development Corporation
Servtec Corporation Pte Ltd
Sg Control Engineering P/L
Sharker Technology
Shelley Trading
Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd
Shimano Pte Ltd
Shimizu Corporation
Shinei International
Shinju Logistics Pte Ltd
Sicon Technology
Siemens IT Solutions and Services Pte Ltd
Siemens Ltd
Sig Pack Pte Ltd
Silicon Manufacturing Partners Pte Ltd
Siliconplus Communication
Sin Hong Hardware Pte Ltd
SINBOR Company Pte Ltd
Sing Chye Heng Investment Holdings P/L
Singapore Airlines Ltd
Singapore Computer Systems Limited
Singapore Discovery Centre Ltd
Singapore Exhibition Services
Singapore General Hospital
Singapore Health Services Pte Ltd
Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Singapore Institute of Management
Singapore Island Country Club
Singapore Jamco Pte Ltd
Singapore Land Authority
Singapore Management University
Singapore Oxygen Air Liquide Pte Ltd
Singapore Polytechnic
Singapore Ryosan Pte LTd
Singapore Sports School
Singapore Synchrotron Light Source
Singapore Technologies Electronics Ltd
Singapore Telecommunications Ltd
Singapore Tool And Die Pte Ltd
Singapore Zoological Garden
SIS System Sdn Bhd
Siu Hong H'ware Pte Ltd
Skandiaverken Far East Pte Ltd
Skydio Pte Ltd
SLP International Property Consultant
Smartlab Education Centre
Smitech (Asia) Pte Ltd
Smiths Detect
SML Technologies Pte LTd
Snap-on Tools Singapore Pte Ltd
SolarWorld Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Solectron Technology
Solvay Asia Pacific
Somensa Geosciences Pte Ltd
Sony Electronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Intl Ab
Southern Envoy Sdn Bhd
SP Powergrid Ltd
Space Dimensions Architech
Spectrum Infocom
Speed Inc Technology Asia
Speedline Technologies Asia Pte Ltd
Speedmark Air Transportation Pte Ltd
Speedy-Tech Electronics Pte Ltd
Spinergy Emotions Pte Ltd
Sri Trang International Pte Ltd
ST Aerospace Ltd
ST Aviation Services Co. Pte Ltd
ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems) Pte Ltd
ST Electronics Limited
ST Gabriel’s secondary school
ST Kinetics Ltd
ST LogiTrack Pte Ltd
ST Microelectronic
Standard Chartered Bank Singapore
Standard Form Pte Ltd
Star Cruises
Star Quest Technologies Pte Ltd
Star Trade Services
Starbucks Coffee Singapore
State Automation
steve morris associates (S) Pte Ltd
Stewart Filmscreen Corp
Straits Advisors Pte Ltd
Strategists Pte Ltd
Stromme Foundation
Subnet System
Subordinate Court
Success Pro P/L
Sumarnd Umab
Sumitomo Chemical Singapore Pte Ltd
Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co. Ltd
Summit Company (S) Pte Ltd
Sun Light Electronics Pte Ltd
SunGard System Access
Sunningdale Tech Ltd
Supply Networks Asia
Surbana Intl Consultants
Surf-Field Technology
Surfmount Pte Ltd
Surprise Advertising
Sut Sakra Pte Ltd
Swee Aik Food Manufactory
Symrise Pte Ltd
Synergy Focus Pte Ltd
Synet Technologies Pte Ltd
Syscom International Pte Ltd
Systems DESIGN Pte Ltd
Systems USA Pte Ltd
Systems Winners
T S Lee Civil Structural Associate
T S Lee Consultancy Pte Ltd
T.A.B. Internatioal Pte Ltd
T.W.O. Pte Ltd
T.Y.Lin International Pte Ltd
TAC Controls Pte Ltd
Takashima Singapore Pte Ltd
Takata CPI Singapore Pte ltd
Takeiki Pte Ltd
Talgentra Pte Ltd
Tan Tock Seng Hospital
Tankers Pacific Management Pte Ltd
Tata Power Company Limited
TC Components Pte Ltd
TCL Thomson
TCZ Studio
TDK Singapore Pte Ltd
Teachers Network
Team One Technologies Pte Ltd
Technal Building Products
Technofied Vision Pte Ltd
Technoplus Pte Ltd
Technoprobe Asia Pte Ltd
Tektronix Southeast Asia Pte Ltd
TeleChoice International Ltd
Temasek Junior College
Ten Cate Enbi Pte Ltd
Teraoka Weigh-System Pte Ltd
Test Advent Pte Ltd
Tetra Engineering Pte Ltd
Tetra Pak Asia Pte Ltd
TFS Network (S) Pte ltd
Thai Wire & Cable Services Co., Ltd.
Thales Electro Optics Pte Ltd
The Capital Markets Company Pte Ltd
The Commercial & Industrial Security Corporation
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
The Japan Council of Local Authorities
The Japan Research Institute Ltd
the Live Your Dreams Pte Ltd
The Media Village
The Shooting Gallery
Thomas & Green Pte Ltd
Thome Ship Management Pte Ltd
Thomson Asia Pacific Holdings Pte Ltd
Thomson Financial
Three Bond Singapore Pte Ltd
Thunk Pte Ltd
Tiffany McGallen Pte Ltd
Tiger Airways
Time Matters (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd
Times Printers Pte Ltd
Times Publishing Ltd
Tinkerbell Concepts Pte Ltd
Tiong Aik Construction Pte Ltd
Tiro Consulting Services Pte Ltd
TMP Worldwide (S) Advertising Pte Ltd
TOA Corporation
Tokyo Cathode Laboratory (S) Pte Ltd
Toolsedge Pte Ltd
Topwin Graphics
Toray International (S) Pte Ltd
Torex Semiconductor (S) Pte Ltd
Total Oil
Total Petrochemical South East Asia
Towner Construction Pte Ltd
Toyota Motor
Toyota Tsusho (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
TrainingEdge International
Trans Instruments (S) Pte Ltd
Trans World Radio Singapore
Trans-Euro Pte Ltd
Transition Singapore
Transmarco Data System (S) Pte Ltd
Transtar Travel Pte Ltd
TRC Technologies Pte Ltd
TRI Comp Solutions Pte Ltd
Tri Marine International Pte Ltd
Tri-comp Solutions Pte ltd
Trinity Theological College
TriolabsIT Solutions
Tripple T Trading
Trispec Pte Ltd
Triumph International
Tropical Pix
Ts Lee Consultancy Pte Ltd
Tsang Photograph
Tsing Hua University
Tslee Civil Stru Assos
TT International Limited
Tuan Sing Holdings
Tuas Power Ltd
Turbo One Pte Ltd
Turbo Print Pte Ltd
Tyco Healthcare Pte Ltd
U nick
U.S. Embassy, Colombo
Uchi Optoelectronic (M) Sdn Bhd
Uhin Holding Pte Ltd
UIC Asian Computer Services Pte Ltd
Underwater World Singapore Pte Ltd
Unicom oil
Unidata Technology
Unigen Life Science
Unilever Asia Private Limited
Unimotion controls Pte Ltd
Uniquestz Pte Ltd
Unisee Enterprise
United Ace Computers
United Nations
United Paper Industries Pte Ltd
United Technologies Corporation
Unity Progress Co Ltd
Universal Alliance Services Pte Ltd
Unix Line Pte Ltd
Unzom Oil
UOB Kay Hian Pte Ltd
UPS Fritz Logistics
Upside Down Concepts Pte Ltd
Upthrust Computer Services
Urban Redevelopment Authority
V System Pte Ltd
Van Oord Dredging And Marine Contractors
Veritas Software
VHQ Post (S) Pte Ltd
Victoria Computer Services
VIKAT Suria Trading
Virtual Thinking Pte Ltd
Vision Net Pte Ltd
Vista Wolt Pte Ltd
Visual Apps Consulting PL
Visualcraft Engineering (S) Pte Ltd
VMware International Limited
Volvo Construction Equipment
Volvo East Asia Pte Ltd
Vopak Asia Pte Ltd
Voscorp Pte Ltd
Vrnet (S) Pte Ltd
VT-NET Technology
W & Tang Electrical
W K Cheong Medical Specialists
Wabco Asia Pte ltd
Wan Poa Goldsmith Pte Ltd
Waters Asia Limited
Watkins Syndicate Singapore Pte Limited
Wearnes Technology Pte Ltd
Weatherford Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Well Metalwork
WeR1 Consultants Pte Ltd
West View Primary School
Whizzwork Pte Ltd
Wildlife Reserves Singapore
Willie Secretarial Services Pte Ltd
Wills Information Technology Private
Wilmar Trading Pte Ltd
Wincor-Nixdorf Pte Ltd
Windhoff Singapore Pte Ltd
Wing Tai Holding Ltd
Winland Travel Pte ltd
WIT Computing Technologies
WK Cheong Medical Special
Wlaton International Group (S) Pte Ltd
Woodlands Secondary School
Woodlands Social Centre
Word Forward Limited
World Bank
WOW Studio pte ltd
WT Partnership
Wyeth Nutritional (S) Pte Ltd
Wyeth Regional Mfg. (S) Pte Ltd
X'IT Services Pte Ltd
X-Project Solutions Sdn Bhd
Y.M. System
Y3 Technologies Pte Ltd
Yain Technology
Yamada Dobby Pte Ltd
YAMAHA Motor Asia Pte Ltd
YHS (Singapore) Pte Ltd
YM System Services
Yokogawa Electric Asia Pte Ltd
Yokogawa Engineering Asia Pte ltd
Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine NUS
Zagro Singapore Pte Ltd
Zentek Technology (S) Pte Ltd
Zhong Jiang (S) International Pte Ltd
Zimco Stone Industries P/L
Zircom Networks Pte Ltd
Zone Telecom Pte Ltd
Zoneone Pte Ltd
Zync Estudio + Workshops

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